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Peter takes a look at a phone from Huawei subsidary Honor which might save yo a few pounds.

Honor 7X BND-L21 Smart Phone by Huawei
At first glance the HonorX7 with its large18:9 screen blending seamlessly into the aluminium chassis could easily be mistaken for a top of the range phone but this is, however, in the mid-price range. The slim design fits comfortably into the hand with the fingerprint sensor conveniently located on the back.

The phone can accommodate either two SIM cards or the second SIM can be replaced by a microSD card. Setting up the phone is straight forward with every step shown in detail in the online .pdf manual while the phone clone app simplifies the migration of data to your new phone. T

On the bottom edge of the device is a 3.5mm headphone jack along with the micro USB port and speaker grille.
The 18:9 screen is designed to give video gamers a wider view of the scene but also gives better space when working in split screen mode. I found the ability to switch to a split screen with a single click useful as it allows you to monitor incoming notifications on one screen while working on the other.
The phone comes with an impressive main dual camera 16MP + 2MP and an 8MP front camera. The main camera comes with many settings which are easily accessed by sliding the screen left or right. The dual camera mode comes into its own when the wide aperture setting is enabled, a slider on the screen allows you to set aperture by number or simply by assessing on screen the degree to which the background is out of focus. The front camera works well for selfies or video calling with options to create your perfect selfie. A useful feature when you do not have time to open the camera is the ultra snapshot setting where two quick presses of the volume down button will take a photo even if the screen is off. I took pictures under various lighting conditions and was happy with the results. Sliding down from the top of the screen reveals among the options the ability to take instant screen shots.
The Honor X7 comes with a Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Compass, and Gravity sensor. The compass will be much appreciated by those who use apps for identifying stars and satellites.

The absence of NFC on this phone means that it cannot be used for the many tap-and-go services which are increasingly common these days for many payments or even as an alternative to an oyster card on London Transport.

As I use an android tablet I had no difficulty in adapting from my old windows phone layout to an android one and soon found settings that suited me. It was interesting to note that there is also a simple mode that reduces the layout to a few large icons which may suit some users.
Overall I considered the phone to be good value for money. It does most of the things that you expect from a smart phone in this price range or even a much higher price range and does them well and quickly. The absence of NFC will however limit the market and seems a strange omission.

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