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In this feature we look at some of the best technology to come out of this year's IFA show in Berlin. IFA which takes place in early september each year, is one of Europes Largest, if not its largest, Consumer Electronics Shows. 

Spread over a week, if you count the rather chaotic press days at the start, it encompasses all elements of consumer electronics from fridge freezers to computer with personal care and coffee makers some way between.  The press days occur just before the event opens to the public and are happening as the stands are being built meaning once again  our intreped reporters had to keep their wits about them for errant fork lifts.

 Usually they are really worth attending and there is always a major announcement or two. This year though major announcements were thin on the ground but we did still find some cool stuff to look at.

I wrote all of the above for last year's version of this article and to be honest nothing has changed. The press days this year were still fairly poor but there was fun tech to be found.


One of the best things about this year was that on the trip out I was able to test out the Honor 8 phone I had been given in Paris the previous week. Full disclosure here Honor paid for my and a lot of other Journalists transport and accomodation. I always find this very difficult as such trips could be seen as an attempt to sway my review but infact they tend to have the opposite effect in that I become even more determined to find fault if there is any to be seen to be fair. 

I hadn't intended to like the Honor 8 as much as I do. After all you could claim with some justification that it is just the Huawei P9 we reviewed a few months ago in a differentcase. Indeed the specs are the same even down to the dual cameras. Although the Honor 8 loses the Leica branding. There are a few software differences. The Honor as an eye comfort mode that reduces the blue glare from the screen - a novelty perhaps but one I found worked well when reading at night. 

It also has slightly different camera software - all though you would struggle to initially find the differences. The main difference though is to me the Honor 8 camera just seemed far more responsive and taking photos with it was a joy.

A picture paints a thousand words so here are a few I took in Holland  on the way to Berlin and Back 

Most of these took advantage of the Honor 8's ability to post process a photograph due to the data captured by the dual lens system.

I was throughly impressed - the Honor 8 is a great little Andorid phone and a bit cheaper than it Huawei P9 brother too.

Most of our pictures from IFA are also from the Honor 8 this year

Breakfast at Parrot

Parrot were showing off a new range of MiniDroens including this beauty the Swing that takes off like a MiniDorne and then transitions into winged flight - truly great fun

We particulartly enjoyed the co-ordinnated flying display - really clever.

TomTom does Bike Nav

TomTom launched a new range of SatNavs for Bikers. We really liked the styling of these and usabilty was good too.

They also had a range of fitness watches including one that do body fat analysis. Clever stuff.

Now clean your teeth
Phllips had innovated with a toothbrush that links to an App that checks how you are brushing your teeth. This worked well in practice and I seemed to get a much better clean.

Where did the keyboard go?

Lenovo truly innovated with a convertible tablet with a virtual keyboard on a touch sensive panel which could also be used with a stylus

Any color you like - bur it will take a few months

Haier introduced a large range of colours into its Freezer range the only catch they have to be ordered and can take a few months to arrive. Nevertheless they look amazing and might just be worth the wait.

Acer gets thinner
We loved Acers new range - from the more sensible range naming to the highly impressive range of convertable laptops. We were blown away by their Predator laptop. A 21" (yes 21") with a curved display (yes curved) and a full size, full travel keyboard on a Laptop (yes not a missprint it is  laptop not a desktop)  From probably the biggest laptop at show they also had the thinnest.

All in all an impressive new range - expect lots of reviews

Best in show this year. Only one choice that amazing Parrot drone display...

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