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Quick Look - Edifier Extreme Connect

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I can't help thinking this device reminds me of another very famous portable speaker but putting that aside it is a more than capable competitor which excels its lookalike in many ways.

Despite its small size it is a full range speaker (well 190Hz~18KHz) and like most Edifier devices really packed a punch. It is not going to give you the bass quality of some of its bigger brethren in the Edifier range but it does a much better job that any speaker I've tested of its size. Its seems really transparent and rounded with very few harsh edges except when pushed really hard.

There was a little noise evident at low levels particularly when connected by Bluetooth but that is hard to avoid. Although the Signal To Noise Ratio of around 85dbA is reasonable in this size of device.

The Extreme in this versions name relates to the amount of connectivity with Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB audio and AUX (3.5mm stereo) all present. The Micro SD slot can take up to 32GB card with up to 7 folders deep of MP3 or WMA files.
Bluetooth  is  Version: 2 +1 EDR  and supports A2DP and  AVRCP with a  Max range 10M or 30FT. A shame that it doesn't support aptX but the licnesing costs probably prohibit that in this price range.

Aside from the aforementioned sligh noise floor Bluetooth playback was excellent, SD playback solid but PC Audio was a revelation some Edifier magic going on there I'm sure with  a vastly better experience then any of my high-end PC speakers.

The Exteme Connect is a rechargable unit and I found I could get nearly 16 hours of playback at about half the maximum volume. Very impressive.

Overall this is a very capable speaker and more than a match for its competition.

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